The Hosts

Riley Knight

rileyRiley is a member of Team Coverage, travelling around the world to host Twitch streams of various premier-level events. He loves to play “fun” and “sweet” decks, principally to hide how terrible he is at Magic.

Thoralf “Toffel” Severin

toffel profile

Toffel is an old-school Magic player with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game. He is a powerhouse of the European GP scene and a regular on the Pro Tour, and never comes up short when thinking of new ways to attack a format.

Jamin Kauf

jamin profile

Jamin is one of the most successful Brawl players in the world. After having won the first ever Brawl Challenge, Jamin has become a leading figure in the growing Brawl community, and is always at the bleeding edge of the format’s developments.